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Teeny tiny baby dress!

June 25, 2021

Recently some friends of mine had their first baby, and when I found this fabric at Minerva I knew I had to make a teeny little baby dress with it 💗. Usually when I make baby dresses I always use the same pattern – Burda 9750 – but this time I fancied a more interesting design, so I decided to use this cute New Look pattern 6768, which comes in size New Born – Large. This pattern is not as quick and easy to make as some, but it really is worth the effort as it’s super cute, and I still got it done within a day. You can make a pinafore dress or a romper suit (which was handy when I was making clothes for another friend’s twins as she has a boy and a girl). For this baby girl I went with the dress design, simply because changing nappies with a dress on is far easier than with trousers.

The pattern recommends using eight 1″ buttons (2.5cm), but I didn’t have any this size in my stash, so I went with smaller ones and I think they work ok. In fact I actually had nine of them, so I added the extra one onto the front pocket as a spare. I tried very hard with my pattern matching for the pocket and think I did a fairly good job of it.

The pattern also suggests half a yard of 1″ wide elastic, which again I didn’t have in my stash so instead I used two lengths of thinner elastic.

Usually when I make garments I like to sew in my ‘Handmade by Tabatha Tweedie’ label onto the back waistband or facing or whatever, which I dutifully did this time, only to find I had sewn it on upside down! I unpicked it and sewed it the correct way up, but then when I came to sew on the straps, I realised that the straps would be sewn over the top of the label, so I had to unpick it a second time and find somewhere else for it to go! I opted for the inside of one of the straps at the back.

The fabric is lovely quality, not too thin. I ordered 1m of it which was plenty because it’s a 60″ wide fabric. I am happy to have some scraps leftover to either incorporate into another project or make bunting with!

I made the dress in the small size rather than new born size, and I know that it is currently too big for the recipient, but it’s great that she will be able to grow into it and hopefully get lots of wear out of it. I will look forward to future photos of her in it!

Thanks to Minerva for providing the fabric as part of their Brand Ambassador program. It’s great to be sewing again after the slump of the pandemic!

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  1. anne carter permalink
    June 25, 2021 8:43 am

    It’s lovely and beautifully made!

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