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Sewing for twins again!

June 1, 2021

The twins turned one year old! For their birthday I made them each a new set of bibbed trousers. This is my favourite thing to sew for babies because they are practical and cute and easy to sew and unisex and there are so many options to customise them! This time I used a new pattern called ‘The Play Set’ pattern which was free with Simply Sewing. I think the designer might be the same one who designed the Kitty Pinafore dress which I’ve made a couple of times. It has a lovely applique boat design, but that part didn’t really complement the dinosaur fabric I had chosen, so I didn’t do any applique.

To make the suits look like a pair, but not exactly the same, I used an Indigo denim and some Art Gallery dinosaur canvas and made each with both fabrics, but the opposite of each other. I used yellow topstitching on both suits and found two matching buttons for the backs. The design of the pattern at the back suggested making a loop on the back waistband for the straps to tie onto, but I didn’t like this idea at all as I thought that would make an uncomfortable knot on the babies’ backs.

I love how the pockets match the straps and the facings! At first I was a little put out that I didn’t have enough of the dinosaur fabric to get a dino dead-centre on the pocket, but in the end I think the off-centre dinosaur looks as though it’s just wandered into the picture!

I made these in a 18-24 month size even though the twins only just turned one. It’s always better to have growing room and with the lockdown I wasn’t exactly able to measure them. As usual I did a couple of buttonholes on each strap in case adjustments are needed.

I’m really pleased with how these turned out, and they’ve already been worn and I can confirm the twins were excellent models.

I would definitely use this pattern again!

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