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Dinosaur wedding attire!

May 2, 2021

Several years ago my best friend had a humanist wedding ceremony, and her husband used to always joke that on his wedding day he would dress up as dinosaur. He didn’t, but as a nod to his idea I made a dinosaur dress for me to wear to the celebration. Several years on the happy couple decided to make their marriage legally binding by having another ceremony at the registry office. This ceremony was during the day, the Saturday before Christmas, and this time the kids were able to come too.

I was hoping that the dress I made for the first wedding would still fit, but alas it did not! Undeterred, I ordered two coordinating dinosaur fabrics from Minerva to use for the kids, and figured I’d work on my outfit after I’d made theirs, and I might get around to making my husband a dinosaur tie or something. As it happened, I only made the kids clothes and nothing for us. I wore my Tilly & the Buttons blue velvet Joni dress which felt suitably fancy and also winter-appropriate.

For my daughter, I made a simple dress using a pattern from a Prima magazine from July 2014 – just a very straightforward sleeveless dress with a lined bodice, gathered skirt and centre back zip.

For my son, I made a shirt using Burda 5366, a pattern for both men and boys. I think I had used this pattern previously to make my husband a shirt.

I seem to remember I was sewing the shirt at the very last minute the night before the wedding, and to save time I sewed the buttons on by machine and not very securely, and a couple of them popped off at the reception! Ooops!

Here’s a pic of the dinosaur dress I made for myself last time:

The Dinosaur Dress

I do love this dress! Hope I can wear it again one day!

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