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Pirate outfit

June 17, 2018

Ahoy thar mateys!  I made my daughter a pirate outfit when she was three.  Once it no longer fit, she passed it on to my son, who wore it up until very recently.  He is five now, and not only is it too small, but it’s also falling to bits!  I used the Simplicity kids pyjama pattern 6932 for the original outfit, and self drafted a waistcoat.

Pirate Tweedie! Finished costume with skull and crossbones applique motif

Daughter in pirate dress with my son in the pirate outfit I made for my daughter three years ago. CUTIES!

We have a pirate themed party coming up in a few weeks, so I thought it was high time for an updated costume for my son.  I found a second-hand shirt lurking in his drawers that had been passed on to us by a friend, but which my son hadn’t worn yet.  Rather than waste fabric making something new, and leave this shirt languishing in the drawer, I decided to revamp the shirt by adding on some applique patches.  I’ve used a fair few pirate and nautical themed fabrics over the years, and I usually save the scraps, so I had plenty of options.

For the shorts, I had a small scrap of striped fabric left over.  Ideally I would have made the shorts a bit longer, but they’re fine, and it is satisfying to use up every last bit of a scrap of fabric.  I used the pyjama pattern again – this time in age 6.  In order to preserve as much length as possible, I didn’t hem the shorts, and I pinked the raw edges to prevent fraying.

Looking at the photos of him wearing the outfit, I think the shirt won’t fit for much longer, so I may have to make a different top next year, should the need arise.

This’ll do nicely for now though!

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