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Me Made June 2011 – Tabatha – Week Two

June 14, 2011

OH!  What’s occurring?  It’s all quiet on the sewing front for me at the moment, but I’m hoping to have made at least one new dress to wear by the end of the month because Me Made June is going to be very boring from now on.  I’ve worn almost everything I’ve made at least once so far.  I need to continue my focus on sewing for myself if I want a bigger selection of me-mades, and I really, really do.  These days I look at my RTW clothes and find I’m not that bothered about a lot of them.

So, here comes the photo round up…

Day 8 – Self-drafted Nautical Star skirt.  This was the first time I wore the skirt and I really enjoyed wearing it.  I wore it with my first pair of red heels, and I am brandishing a cup of tea in the photo!

Day 9 – New Look 6026 top with jeans.  This top makes a nice change from all those vile, clingy, crappy jersey vest tops you buy for about £9 in Topshop.  I’ve got on some old Birkenstocks here, bronze coloured and almost worn out!

Day 10 – day – Burda 7798 Carnation print top (again).  Today I was working, hence the boring trousers!

Day 10 – evening – Simplicity 2692 made by Julia.  More of a ‘we-made’ than a ‘me-made’, as my co-blogger Julia made this dress for my birthday!  I thought it’d be nice to include it though.  I’m wearing it with my suede navy wedges for a summery look.

Day 11 – Prima March 2009 dress.  I made this a while ago and have recently had to repair a split seam!  It’s a little clingy so I feel a bit self-conscious in it to be honest, but we had friends over for cocktails and I thought it was an appropriate occasion to dig it out.  I’m wearing it here with another pair of red heels.

Day 12 – Colette Chantilly dress.  I didn’t enjoy making this dress, but it is nice to wear because it’s pretty and comfortable too.  I wore it to a family birthday gathering, which involved several hours of driving and a buffet, and it was still comfortable at the end of the day.  I wore it with pink wedges.  When I bought these wedges there were also some in turquoise, and I was a darn fool not to get them!  (Oh, and I have another cup of tea in the photo!)

Day 13 – Colette Crepe dress in Royal Blue circles.  As you can see it was a bit windy – I was glad to have pockets to help keep the skirt in place!  I’m wearing it with navy tights and royal blue suede heels.

Day 14 – Sewaholic Crescent Lorna Skirt (again).  I’m back to re-wearing the same things now unless I manage to finish something else!  Still, I was happy to wear this skirt again today, and I’m always happy to wear the Shoes of Glory!

That’s all for now.  I’m off to bed!

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