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Tabatha’s April Challenge – Days 4 – 6

April 6, 2011

Monday 4th April

Today was a busy day.  Little Tweedie had a play date with a new friend at the park, and she fell asleep in her pram whilst we were walking around, so I knew that I wouldn’t have my regular nap-time sewing slot.  Instead, I worked after she had gone to bed between 8 and 10pm.  I’ve been working on my second version of Simplicity K2938 in plain navy cotton, and after working with silk brocade I had a new-found appreciation for cotton – it’s so easy to sew!  Making the top in a smaller size made all the difference, and the longer length is perfect.  I only have the armholes and zip left to do.


Tuesday 5th April

We were at playgroup this morning, but I managed to get an hour of sewing done during Little Tweedie’s nap, during which I finished my second version of Simplicity K2938.  I didn’t get the usual rush of excitement to finish sewing this time, and I think that’s because I’ve sewn something which I see as purely practical because it is plain navy blue.  Yes, it’s a nice style, and yes, it will go with lots of things, and yes, I will probably end up wearing it quite a lot, but does it excite me?  Am I likely to show it off in the usual ‘I made this!’ manner?  No.  It’s a boring top.  As the title of one my favourite blogs to read states, it’s all about the fabric.

Anyway…Mr Tweedie and I wanted to relax watching TV tonight, so I did my second hour of sewing during the cBeebies bedtime hour whilst dinner was warming in the oven.  I started work on my next project – Burda 7798.  I bought a beautiful carnation print fabric from the Abakhan stall at Sewing For Pleasure specifically for this top.  I managed to get the front and back sections assembled before dinner, which is testament to how easy the pattern is to sew up.  I’m really pleased with how it’s looking, and I much prefer the design of this top to Simplicity K2938.  The best thing is, the pattern also gives you the option to make it into a dress, to add short sleeves or even long sleeves, so it’s really versatile, practical and easy.  It’s looking as though it’ll be a good fit and I’m looking forward to finishing it tomorrow.


Wednesday 6th April

Today I got up an hour and a half before Little Tweedie so I could finish my Burda 7798 top.  I got all but the hem done in the morning and tried it on.  I really like it, and will definitely be remaking it and testing out all the variations too.  I hemmed it just before dinner, so it’s ready to wear.  Hurray!

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