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Tabatha’s April Challenge – Day 1, 2 and 3

April 3, 2011

Friday 1st April

The plan:  I don’t have enough nice tops.  Nice tops in shops are too expensive.  Therefore I shall make myself nice tops.

Last weekend at the Sewing for Pleasure show, Julia was wearing a lovely top she had made for herself which I liked very much, so she kindly lent me the pattern (which she got free with Sew Magazine – Simplicity K2938).  She also gave me a remnant she picked up in Paris which she said she wouldn’t use – just under a metre of gorgeous red silk brocade.  I thought I might as well use the fabric for the top, even though it would end up being a very dressy top, but I thought it might look good to dress up jeans, or with a black pencil skirt.

I managed to get my April Challenge off to a good start by cutting the fabric in the lounge today whilst Mr Tweedie was reading to Little Tweedie – this took 35 minutes.  I then managed to do another 1 hour 20 minutes during Little Tweedie’s nap.  The top is mainly assembled – I only have the facings, armhole edges, zip and hem left to do.  The only thing is, it looks suspiciously big.  I’ve cut a size bigger than I normally would but I’m thinking this may have been a ‘big’ mistake!

Saturday 2nd April

Already I’m finding my April Challenge difficult: last night we had friends staying and as a result I was desperately tired and in need of a nap when Little Tweedie had hers!  However, I managed to resist temptation, spurred on by the thought of finishing the K2938 top.  Little Tweedie’s nap lasted for 1 hour 10 minutes today, which allowed me to get the facings, armhole edges and hem done, with only the zip left to do when Mr Tweedie got home.  Once I had done that I’d filled my two hour daily quota and I tried the finished garment on.  Alas!  Too big.  I’m very disappointed – I should have gone with my instinct and cut the smaller size (or, you know, made a muslin – but I’m too impatient).  I’ll have to adjust the other tracings I’ve done now for some of the other patterns I’m using this month.  So annoying!  I can’t be bothered to unpick it and besides, I don’t think the fabric could stand it as it frays incredibly quickly and easily (I really appreciated having my overlocker for making this top).

I think the top is lovely, but it’s just much too big.  This is a bad start to my April Challenge.

Simplicity K2938 - beautiful, but too big

The reverse side of the fabric is also really pretty!

Sunday 3rd April

Today my two hours of sewing time has been spent adjusting the size of the pattern pieces I’d traced and cut for a few upcoming projects, after yesterday’s disappointment.  Stubbornly, I refuse to be completely defeated by K2938, so I have cut some plain navy fabric which I hadn’t got any particular plans for in the smaller size and will try again.  I also lengthened the top by 2 inches because I’d prefer it to be longer.  Obviously the plain navy won’t be anywhere near as beautiful as the red silk brocade, but hopefully it will be a useful top, not too dressed up and will go with most things.  We shall see!  I cut the fabric for another top, and for a couple of baby dresses.  I’m not planning on sewing the baby dresses this month (I’ve got to focus on making things for myself), but I hate to have scraps of fabric lying around unused, and baby dresses are the perfect way to use these up.

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